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Kritter Review


Kritter is a wave-based action game that’s sure to get your pulse racing! As a cutesy robot stuck on a hostile planet, you’ll have to defend your crashed ship from an onslaught of slimes, bugs, and monsters. It’s a classic top-down roguelike experience with an eye-catching art style – and an intense challenge. Take on wave after wave of enemies and see just how long you can survive before the odds finally catch up with you – the struggle might be futile, but it’s still loads of fun.

  • Variety of Weapon Upgrades
  • Humorous AI Companion
  •  Stunning Rogue-like


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protect your ship

Kritter packs a punch to even the most seasoned of gamers. The game offers plenty of variety, with satisfying upgrades and weapon builds to fight off hordes of enemies. But that’s not all – Kritter also offers temporary run-dependent upgrades for your character and permanent ship upgrades like shields and turrets that offer increased progress.

Kritter offers plenty of personality, too. It has a consistently charming visual style and a snarky, ever-ready companion A.I. that adds a unique character to the game. Up to four players can participate in co-op mode as well, making Kritter the perfect game for an evening with friends. All in all, Kritter is a truly solid roguelike experience.

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