Adwars Review


Ad Wars is a great combination of multiple genres as you fight ads through a fast paced game.  Dodge bullets and use special powers to navigate your way through uniquely crafted levels of insane action.  

  • Great Combination of different genres
  • Unique Level Design
  • Great Story Elements with new side quests being added

Ad wars

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Wage a Last Stand

You control a character named Alt and your objective after surviving a bizarre  event where ads have taken over,  is to rid clickbait kingdom from the bane of ads once and for all.

This game offers a great combination of the four genres: bullet hell, platformer, shooter, JRPG.  It presents this in a great cartoonish art style with fast paced game play and easy to operate controls.  

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Step by Step Hero Review

Step by Step Hero is a walking simulator game, both developed and published by Pixelstop. Find yourself in the randomized universe of Omrand, where every step you take contributes to your success! The game consists of five, stand out biomes where you can play independently and meet fun NPCs along the way. Just bear in mind that your steps decrease as you go, so you’ll need to grab stepping flowers and other bonus items to fuel your journey! Gather coins, accept side quests and take on the ultimate battle to defeat the Heart of Corruption.

  • Nostalgic design
  • Innovative mechanics
  • Shuffled choreography


Ultimate Nostalgia

This simple and straightforward game has a simple premise. Gather steps, keep walking and overcome your foes along the way. It’s hard to ignore a sense of nostalgia when playing, with the game giving off distinct 90s Gameboy visuals and soundtrack. Expect the music to change as you transfer from one area to another. Of course, Step by Step goes above and beyond aesthetic alone. The gameplay is engaging with plenty of innovative mechanics. While the game isn’t excessively challenging, implementing steps as a limited resource is a genius move that takes some practice to get a hang of and work to your advantage. You will also begin to notice that you can master the game’s shuffled choreography when switching between realms through experience, ongoing gameplay and advice from NPC scholars. Combat is interesting and based on the premise of having sufficient HP to win the fight, rather than chance.

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