Point Milestones

When you reach the point balance below please leave a message on the Discord in #achievements

 * 1000 XP – Enter Quest Raffle Start sharing your trailers and social media to help me feature them for daily quests use #self-promo in Discord

 * 5000 XP – Promote to Decanus Rank  Message: ‘5promo‘ in #achievements

 * 10,000 XP – Twitter Feature Message: ‘feature‘ in #achievements  with the tweet you would like featured 

 * 15,000 XP – Promote to Tessararius Rank Message: ‘15promo‘ in #achievements

** 25,000 XP – Phoenix Level Unlocked A New Item is added to your account every 25,000 XP 

** Message: ‘fire‘ in #achievements and use the Item Shop for requests

*** 100,000 XP – Promote to Optio Rank Command Role Unlocked Message: ‘cmd‘ in #achievements


Redeem on Discord